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Envirolak 800 Series White Satin

Envirolak 800 Series White Satin

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The ELNYW800XX Series is a white acrylic urethane hybrid topcoat known for its exceptional appearance and performance, including excellent stain resistance and suitability for kitchens, bathrooms, and other demanding environments. This product is easy to spray at low pressures, dries quickly with great coverage, and meets KCMA standards. It provides excellent leveling and adhesion to most substrates. When applied over our T9000 primer, it's ready in just 1-2 hours under simple air-dry conditions.

Please note that this product is not compatible with isocyanate hardeners. Instead, it can be crosslinked with CAT150 Crosslinker at 3% for improved chemical and mar resistance. Despite potential overnight viscosity increase with CAT150, the product remains easy to spray. To restore the original viscosity, mix 1:1 with fresh (uncatalyzed) material and add an additional 3% CAT150.

The ELNYW800XX Series is designed for interior wood finishing applications like cabinetry, furniture, and millwork, offering exceptional appearance and durability.

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